A question for Spencer Nitkey

A question for Spencer Nitkey

Q: Do you use critique groups or other resources to polish your writing?

A: I love using critique groups. I was lucky to have the chance to study creative writing in college, and the opportunity to learn from a couple of really incredible professional writers and participate regularly in workshops and learn from my peers was something I took for granted until after I graduated. Now, I have a small writing group I attend semi-regularly. I am also grateful that my fiancee is almost as excellent an editor as she is a writer. She’s been my first reader for years, and when I’m smart enough to follow her advice, my stories always come out better. I think, especially with speculative fiction, it’s important to have beta-readers and critiques. I often have a clear idea of the world and conceit of a story, but I can’t always tell how clearly that is being communicated with a reader until I’ve had the chance to hear from someone. Feedback is how we grow and improve, and I’m thankful for all the groups and people who have helped me improve.

Spencer Nitkey’s story “Calling Me Home
in Metaphorosis Friday, 7 August 2020.
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