Another question for Michael Sherrin

Another question for Michael Sherrin

Q: Where do you write?

A: I write in my home office, which is part of a finished basement, where I’m surrounded by shelves of my 2,000+ action figures. These serve as both inspiration and distraction.

Depending on my mood, I’ll write at my desktop, which is better for long drafting and research (multiple screens, again, both helpful and harmful), or on my laptop on my recliner, which lets me focus just on the text (better for editing) or napping.

I find myself the most productive late at night. I can spend the whole day “working,” yet the hours between 11pm – 1am will be more productive than the many hours worked before.

Michael Sherrin’s story “Magic Whistleblower Tells All
in Metaphorosis Friday, 10 January 2020.
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