A question for Abhijato Sensarma

A question for Abhijato Sensarma

Q: What kind of non-fiction do you like to read and how does it affect the fiction you write?

A: I’ve always believed that fiction reflects reality in between its lines. The recognition of fundamental truths is what connects the author and the reader beyond the scope of a story’s immediate facts. My favourite kind of non-fiction is sports writing. I’ve always been a cricket fan, and it’s another medium where human stories shine through amidst all its unnecessary grandeur. I’ve learnt a great deal from the likes of writers like Jarrod Kimber, Andrew Fidel Fernando, and Andrew Miller. The biggest lesson has been that telling a story is the primary job of all forms of writing, no matter what its purpose. This realisation has had quite an effect on me, and changed the way I deal with my craft.

Abhijato Sensarma’s story “Satyajit Ray’s Beard or the Lack Thereof
in Metaphorosis Friday, 11 June 2021.
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