A question for Elizabeth Rankin

A question for Elizabeth Rankin

Q: Do you live near where you were born? Have you traveled much?

A: I actually live right down the road from the hospital where I was born! Not on purpose. I left the area for about 10 years, and didn’t intend to come back, but fate (a.k.a. the need for a job) intervened. I enjoy traveling and have been to Europe a few times, as well as Mexico and Canada. One of my life goals is to visit every National Park. I’ve been to 13 so far, out of 63, so that should keep my vacations full for a very long time. Especially because they keep adding them! I’d like to see more of the world, and more of the U.S. as well. There are more fascinating places to go than I’ll ever have time for, but I can try!

Elizabeth Rankin’s story “Portals and Other Lost Things
in Metaphorosis Friday, 23 September 2022.
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