A question for P.G. Streeter

A question for P.G. Streeter

Q: How often do you think about writing during a day?

A: Some part of my scattered, overactive mind is probably always thinking about writing, but I’ve worked really hard to reign that in, and to put those thoughts on hold until an appropriate time arises. Because of this, my phone is full of notes with little snippets of ideas–new premises, story titles, character names, and bits of dialogue that I plan to come back to later. The surfaces of my house are littered with sticky notes and scraps of paper that serve the same purpose. Much of it doesn’t end up getting used, but most of the stories I’ve gotten published these last few years owe themselves in part to those notes. The notes are important for another reason: if I simply dropped everything to write whenever the fancy struck me, I’d probably get fired from my dayjob–and my wife and kids would be pretty grumpy, too.

P.G. Streeter’s story “A Xenothanatologist’s Guidebook to Death Practices Among the Sapient Species of the Outer Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy
in Metaphorosis Friday, 14 October 2022.
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