A question for Samuel Parr

A question for Samuel Parr

Q: What distracts you?

A: So many things, when I could be writing… Here’s a handpicked honest selection:

Sometimes, bad stuff. Sad news, back pain, imposter syndrome, or the crazy fact we’re all going to end. But for the most part, beautiful things. Sparrows and blue tits and pigeons, flitting outside my window and being generally marvellous. People murmuring in a café just beyond my hearing. Daydreams of forests, and mystical worlds. Great stories. Real and imagined, there are so many interesting things.

And, I suppose, a lot of those distractions become writing-fuel. It’s all part of the process.

Samuel Parr’s story “The Eye of the Goddess
in Metaphorosis Friday, 1 July 2022.
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