A question for Thomas Ouphe

A question for Thomas Ouphe

Q: What book or books inspired you as a child?

A: I very much lived in books as a child and there are almost too many to pick from. So I’ll go with a series that doesn’t get nearly enough love — Tim and the Hidden People by Sheila K McCullagh. I did love the easy-reader books of the series, but I am talking about the folk-magic laden fantasy of the four novellas: full of ley lines, amulets, and witchcraft. There are a lot of parallels with Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series (which I also loved). Sadly, I had to borrow school copies and it’s a struggle to get hold of them so they will have to stay a golden childhood memory.

Thomas Ouphe’s story “The Diary of Thisne Ome
in Metaphorosis Friday, 25 February 2022.
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