A question for Harold R. Thompson

A question for Harold R. Thompson

Q: Is there a specific environment you find most conducive to writing, and is it different for different kinds of scenes?

A: I write on a laptop, so I change venues quite a bit. It doesn’t really matter where I go. That being said, I do most of my writing, and certainly my best, in the evening, or in the middle of the night. The silence, the lack of distractions from work and family, really helps, but my brain also slips into a more creative mode in the wee hours. It doesn’t matter what kind of scene I’m writing. If I get stuck, the place that helps me get unstuck is… the shower. Some people sing in the shower, but I think. Maybe something about that environment helps me focus, again shutting out everything else, but it always seems to work, like magic.

Harold R. Thompson’s story “My Little Sister Brigid
in Metaphorosis Friday, 10 March 2023.
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