A question for Ramez Yoakeim

A question for Ramez Yoakeim

Q: What is your favourite part of writing?

A: When I’m writing, anything is possible, including giving this instinctive introvert a voice extending far beyond anything achievable on my own. It’s also a sort of therapy as I inhabit a multitude of characters, each with their own backstories, perspectives, and conflicts, and in so doing discover otherwise inaccessible nuances of human motivation. Lastly, what better escapism from the present with its threats of war and cataclysm than the future, not because that future will necessarily be any better (we can hope, but then again we have history), but because then, at least in our imagination, humanity has any future at all!

Ramez Yoakeim’s story “The Diamond Noose
in Metaphorosis Friday, 5 May 2023.
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