It came from Martin Westlake

Martin Westlake’s story “Going Home” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 12 March 2021. In the first place, ‘Going Home’ is drawn from, and is a conflation of, a number of lived experiences and/or curiosities that have fascinated me over the years. The strange tale of the Ekranoplan, developed in Soviet Russian times and then abandoned; The howl of the Avro Vulcan bomber – once heard as a child and never forgotten; The …

About Ivy Grimes

Ivy Grimes is originally from Alabama and now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and beagle. She is a friendly neurotic person who writes speculative fiction and is looking for more writer friends. She feels nostalgic about her Birmingham writing group that sometimes met at an Applebees where attendees ordered the $1 house beer., @IvyGri

Ivy Grimes’s story “Ennui Tea
in Metaphorosis Friday, 1 October 2021.
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It came from V.G. Campen

V.G. Campen’s story “Spells for Going Forth by Day” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 5 March 2021. Some years ago, from the window of a passenger train traveling the eastern US, I watched a jackal trot across a shallow creekbed and disappear into waist-high marsh grass. In reality it was likely a stray dog, or possibly a coyote, as jackals are not native to North America. But the idea of a jackal living alone …

A question for Eleanor R. Wood

Q: Where do you write?

A: I write at my desk, in a room full of books and plants, both of which I find infinitely inspiring. My writing room has two large windows, so it’s full of natural light, and there’s normally at least one dog relaxing nearby. The desk is usually cluttered with hand-scrawled notes, as I vastly prefer writing story notes by hand, and although it may look chaotic to the untrained eye, I always know exactly where everything is.

Eleanor R. Wood’s story “A Seedling in the Dark
in Metaphorosis Friday, 17 September 2021.
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It came from C.M. Fields

C.M. Fields’s story “Reach for Your Ocean Heart” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 26 February 2021. I actually wrote the last paragraph of this story first, and then sat on it for months. I wanted a rich, dreamy, post-societal-collapse setting, so then I wrote Olia’s half of the story and sat on that for another long while while I wrestled with the constraints set by the last paragraph. Eventually I realized that what the …

A question for Jordan Legg

Q: What inspires you?

A: Other people, mostly. I’d be a fool not to recognize how much I am indebted to the genius of those who came before me—from famous storytellers I may never meet to the family and friends that have helped me sharpen my skills along the way. Somebody once said all art is theft, and if I ever try to disagree with them, I’ll be on pretty shaky ground.

J.A. Legg’s story “Till All the Hundred Summers Pass
in Metaphorosis Friday, 10 September 2021.
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