About Claire Simpson

Claire Simpson writes code by day and stories by night (or at least that’s what she claims to be doing when she’s actually looking at Twitter). Congenitally incapable of doing nothing, she also sews, crochets, and favours a peaty single malt if you’re buying.


Claire Simpson’s story “Never Fade Away
in Metaphorosis Friday, 2 August 2019.
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About Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor was born in Baltimore and lives in Toronto. In addition to science fiction, he enjoys playing squash and baking cakes, but lately has only had time for cakes.


Josh Taylor’s story “The Offshore
in Metaphorosis Friday, 26 July 2019.
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About Andrew Knighton

Andrew is a British ghostwriter, who pays his way by writing books and articles in other people’s names. He lives in Yorkshire with his cat, his computer, and a huge pile of unread books. When he’s not writing, he enjoys board games, bouldering, and trying to get through that pile of books.

andrewknighton.com, @gibbondemon

Andrew Knighton’s story “Communication Breakdown
in Metaphorosis Friday, 19 July 2019.
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About Thea Boodhoo

Thea Boodhoo grew up in the western United States as the only child of bohemian intellectuals. The only hobbies she could afford were free ones, so she became a writer and explorer. The redwood forest and the high desert were her best friends — and maybe they still are. She lives in San Francisco with an old shaggy rabbit, a looming jungle of houseplants, and thirty reference books on indigenous foods for her in-progress science fiction novel.

theaboodhoo.com, @tharkibo

Thea Boodhoo’s story “A Layer Thin As Breath
in Metaphorosis Friday, 12 July 2019.
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About Michael Sherrin

Michael Sherrin developed his preference for fiction when he learned reality didn’t include a real Spider-Man. He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, where he learned to write riveting Excel formulas, though the solutions were often predictable. By day, he works with complex analytical algorithms, and by night he works on short stories and his novel. Michael lives outside Boston with his husband, dog, and several thousand action figures.

www.prodigeek.com, @prodigeek

Michael Sherrin’s story “One Day in Space Too Many
in Metaphorosis Friday, 5 July 2019.
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About Fabio Lastrucci

Fabio Lastrucci was born in Naples, Italy in 1962. Fabio is both a sculptor and illustrator and has worked for the main national television networks, operatic and prose theatre.

In Italy he draws comics for indie magazines Ronin and Sherazade. As a writer he has published comical and murder mystery novels, a fantasy saga and several essays. His last works include an essay on weird fiction, “Com’era Weird la Mia Valle” – “How Weird Was My Valley” (Milena edizioni 2018) which he wrote with Vincenzo Barone Lumaga.

morbidiapprodi.wordpress.com, @lastruccik

Fabio Lastrucci‘s image “Full Load” is the cover art for our July 2019 stories.Metaphorosis