About Nicholas M. Stillman

Nicholas M. Stillman is a writer, teacher, and reluctant service worker living in the east bay in California. He received his MFA from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2018, where he currently teaches English. He desperately wants to live in the woods, raise crops, write eight hours a day, and play an unhealthy amount of PS4. He shares this impossible dream with his girlfriend, Sabrina, and their cats, Gnocchi and Fusilli, who all insisted on being part of this bio.


Nicholas M. Stillman’s story “The Memory Dresser
in Metaphorosis Friday, 24 May 2019.
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About Phoenix Alexander

Phoenix Alexander is a queer, Greek-Cypriot scholar and writer of science fiction. Born in Cyprus, he was raised in England and has been moving steadily westward ever since. Initially training as fashion designer in London, he swiftly realized the error of his ways and has just completed a PhD in English and African American Studies at Yale University.

www.phoenixalexanderauthor.com, @dracopoullos

Phoenix Alexander’s story “One for the Wounded
in Metaphorosis Friday, 10 May 2019.
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About Luke Murphy

Luke Murphy was born in West Berlin, grew up in Ireland, and now lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter. He is a freelance animator and writer, with his TV work appearing on places like the Discovery Channel and Nickelodeon.


Luke Murphy’s story “A Sacrifice for the Queen
in Metaphorosis Friday, 26 April 2019.
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About Frances Pauli

Frances Pauli originally studied visual arts. She still wanders from time to time between the canvas and the blank page, but for the most part has settled herself down to tell stories. A lifetime resident of Washington State, she currently resides in the central desert with her family and a host of unusual pets. Her work is almost always in one of the speculative fiction genres and more often than not features animal characters.

francespauli.com, @mothindarkness

Frances Pauli’s story “With Eyes Half Open
in Metaphorosis Friday, 19 April 2019.
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