About Amelia Dee Mueller

Amelia Dee Mueller lives in Dallas and is constantly disappointed that the Old West isn’t as present as one would think. A communications coordinator in local government by day, she spends her nights writing, reading, fencing, and streaming superhero movies with her cat. You can follow her on Twitter @AmeliaDMueller.

Amelia Dee Mueller’s story “The Lightkeeper’s Wife
in Metaphorosis Friday, 1 February 2019.
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About Setsu Uzumé

Setsu Uzume is the host and assistant editor at PodCastle, and they are a member of Codex and SFWA. Setsu writes and occasionally narrates dark fantasy. They are taking a break from sword work to study horseback archery. While they have dabbled in many arts, only writing and martial arts seem to have stuck.

katanapen.wordpress.com, @KatanaPen

Setsu Uzumé’s story “Snapped Dry, Scraped Clean”
in Metaphorosis Friday, 25 January 2019.
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About Helen French

Helen French is a writer, book hoarder, TV-soaker-upper, digital project executive and biased parent who grew up in Merseyside and now lives in Hertfordshire, UK. You can find her on Twitter at @helenfrench.

Helen French’s story “Two Villains, a Notebook, and a Lump of Coal”
in Metaphorosis Friday, 18 January 2019.
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About Alyssa N. Vaughn

Alyssa N. Vaughn was born and raised somewhere between Dallas and Fort-Worth, Texas, and she now lives very very near the house where she grew up, with her husband, children, and dogs, only very narrowly missing an “Everybody Loves Raymond” situation. She has been a public radio employee, a software developer, a high school teacher, and an assistant director at a computer camp. She was a writer before, during, after, and about each of these professions.

blog.anvaughn.com, @msalyssaenvy

Alyssa N. Vaughn’s story “Five Star Review”
in Metaphorosis Friday, 11 January 2019.
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About M.J. Gardner

M.J. Gardner is a web developer by day, who lays in bed at night and wonders, what if….? MJ has an undergrad degree in English and Classics (Greek & Roman studies) and wrote her Master’s thesis on The Vampire in English Literature. She currently lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with her partner of 18 years, and her cat Zoom. She is also the virtual curator of The Suicide Museum (http://www.thesuicidemuseum.com/).

You can connect with MJ at mjgardner.com or on Twitter as @WebDivaMJ

M.J. Gardner’s story “The Book of Regrets”
in Metaphorosis Friday, 4 January 2019.
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Even more about Kathryn Yelinek

Kathryn Yelinek works as a librarian in Pennsylvania. In addition to the required hobbies of reading and writing, she enjoys bird watching, star-gazing, gardening, and going to see Broadway musicals. She and her husband share their home with one adorable parakeet, whom they are actively striving to make into the most spoiled bird in the Western Hemisphere. The bird doesn’t seem to mind. Her works has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Deep Magic, Metaphorosis, Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies.


Kathryn Yelinek’s story “Cinders and Snow” will be
published on Friday, 28 December 2018.

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