A question for P.G. Streeter

Q: How often do you think about writing during a day?

A: Some part of my scattered, overactive mind is probably always thinking about writing, but I’ve worked really hard to reign that in, and to put those thoughts on hold until an appropriate time arises. Because of this, my phone is full of notes with little snippets of ideas–new premises, story titles, character names, and bits of dialogue that I plan to come back to later. The surfaces of my house are littered with sticky notes and scraps of paper that serve the same purpose. Much of it doesn’t end up getting used, but most of the stories I’ve gotten published these last few years owe themselves in part to those notes. The notes are important for another reason: if I simply dropped everything to write whenever the fancy struck me, I’d probably get fired from my dayjob–and my wife and kids would be pretty grumpy, too.

P.G. Streeter’s story “A Xenothanatologist’s Guidebook to Death Practices Among the Sapient Species of the Outer Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy
in Metaphorosis Friday, 14 October 2022.
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Yet another question for Hamilton Perez

Q: Are you an outline or discovery writer?

A: I’ve always been more of an outliner, but that’s just another way to say that outlining is where I discover. Outlining lets me play with ideas freely, and it lets me jump around the story as things come to me. That said, the actual writing/discover phase always changes the outline, so there’s a lot of back and forth, which is probably why it takes me so long to finish anything. But it’s the outlining that I enjoy most. That’s where I get to play. The writing is where I work.

Hamilton Perez’s story “Problems of the Flesh
in Metaphorosis Friday, 7 October 2022.
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A 5th question for Michael Gardner

Q: What tools do you write with?

A: The obvious tools are my laptop and Microsoft Word. I’m not much of a pen and paper person. For starters, my handwriting is atrocious, so I often can’t read what I’ve written a few days later.

I’m also not much of a plotter. I’ve met a few plotters recently and have been impressed with the tools they use. Scrivener for detailed outlining and planning, spreadsheets, multiple character summaries, scene descriptions, etc. It’s not that I don’t plan at all, but it’s mostly done in my head. A key concept, an idea of the ending, a character or two. When I have attempted to write down plans or character descriptions in the past, I find I’m writing the story. So, I tend to just keep going and write it.

The downside of being a pantser is I do multiple, extensive edits and re‑writes of my first drafts. Well, some might call it a downside, but I weirdly enjoy editing. Add in a bit of internet research, draw on some lived experiences, a grammar and spell check, and that’s about it for my writing tools.

Michael Gardner’s story “Infinite Possibilities
in Metaphorosis Friday, 30 September 2022.
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A question for Elizabeth Rankin

Q: Do you live near where you were born? Have you traveled much? A: I actually live right down the road from the hospital where I was born! Not on purpose. I left the area for about 10 years, and didn’t intend to come back, but fate (a.k.a. the need for a job) intervened. I enjoy traveling and have been to Europe a few times, as well as Mexico and Canada. One of my life …

Another question for Karl El-Koura

Q: What is your favorite word?

A: The word that immediately comes to mind is “onomatopoeia”. Boom! (When I first learned the word in high school, I thought it was the neatest thing—the way it looked, the way it sounded, even that there was a word to describe words that sound like themselves. Its only drawback is I always have to look up how to spell it.)

Karl El-Koura’s story “Her Last Will
in Metaphorosis Friday, 16 September 2022.
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A question for Mande Matthews

Q: What’s your favorite type of pie?

A: I believe all pies are created with equal favorability. That said, I try to stick to a low fat, whole food plant-based, low glycemic diet and have yet to find the perfect pie recipe that fits those criteria. If anyone knows of one, I’d be forever grateful if you’d share it.

Mande Matthews’s story “For the Love of Wild Things
in Metaphorosis Friday, 9 September 2022.
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