Inspired by Shimmer (badger) and Capricious (hedgehog), we decided that after two years of operation, it was past time for Metaphorosis to have a cute, cuddly mascot. We’re nominally based in the Pacific Northwest, so we naturally looked around for a local candidate. We didn’t have to look far. Bigfoot and her family are everywhere on the Oregon coast. And by Bigfoot, I mean, of course, our new mascot – the banana slug, Ariolimax columbianus.…

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Statistics – the first 2 years of submissions

Metaphorosis has been open for submissions for two years now, which seemed a suitable point for another round of statistics. This time, though, rather than a comprehensive dig through the results, I’ve chosen a few tidbits that may be of interest. The period covers 1 Oct 2015 to 30 Sep 2017. About the submitters Most common submitter first name: David (more on that in January…) Submitters requesting “no feedback”: 9% Not anonymous: 8% (since 1…

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Oregon Coast art

I’m happy to say that our September cover artist, Wendy Thompson, is from the same little part of the Oregon coast where the magazine is based. It’s a strikingly beautiful area, and you can see it in her art.

It’s also the first place this year’s solar eclipse will strike the US. If you’re coming to town for the event, don’t miss the opportunity to see Wendy’s (and many others’) art at the 25th annual Nestucca Valley Artisans Festival, in Pacific City. We’ll be there too, wandering the tables and picking up a little beauty to admire when we’re far from home.


Read the guidelines

By chance, I learned today that we’ve had exactly 100 non-anonymous submissions since we re-instituted the anonymity requirement on 1 January 2017. Overall, in that time, we’ve had 1,197 submissions. So, a fair number of people don’t read the guidelines. I’d say don’t read them carefully, but the anonymity requirement is in bold red text.   What happens when we get non-anonymized submissions is that we reject the submission, with a somewhat harshly worded note,…

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Statistics – writing impediments

We get a lot of great submissions, but it’s no secret that we turn away over 95% of what we see. The stories we reject vary widely in quality. Some, though, have peculiarities of formatting that lead me to suspect the authors are facing unusual obstacles. In addition, I’m very confident that some of our submitters don’t have English as a native language. Beautiful writing will always be a criterion for Metaphorosis – that’s the…

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Revision statistics – 2015-2016

Most of the stories we publish have gone through an editorial revision process. I’d estimate that less than 5% are accepted as is. And even the ones that I expect to require only light revision sometimes end up taking longer than expected. In short, revision is central to our acceptance system. As editor, I enjoy the process – the discussion with authors about what they’re really trying to say, the structural adjustments, the fine tuning.…

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