Changes to the Metaphorosis feedback process

As I’ve long feared, my sins are catching up with me. Stripped of metaphor, what this means is that submissions have increased, and changes to our editorial feedback are required. I’ve long worked by three rules: Rapid response. Feedback to all authors who want it. I read all stories to the end. Alas, there are simply too many submissions to keep all this up. In response, I’m starting to break some of my rules, starting …

Oregon Coast art

I’m happy to say that our September cover artist, Wendy Thompson, is from the same little part of the Oregon coast where the magazine is based. It’s a strikingly beautiful area, and you can see it in her art.

It’s also the first place this year’s solar eclipse will strike the US. If you’re coming to town for the event, don’t miss the opportunity to see Wendy’s (and many others’) art at the 25th annual Nestucca Valley Artisans Festival, in Pacific City. We’ll be there too, wandering the tables and picking up a little beauty to admire when we’re far from home.



Kickstarter live!

Our year 2 Kickstarter is live!


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