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Statistics – the first year

We opened to submissions on 1 October 2015, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what’s come in over that first year. Raw numbers Submissions Total – 1,901 Average – 5.2/day High – 16/day Low – 0/day Words Total – 6,825,436 Novels’ worth – 68 (@100k words/novel) Average word count – 3,590 High – 24,000 Low – 200 Genres Fantasy 41% Science fiction 36% Other or mixed 23% Acceptance rate …

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More on rewrites – statistics, first 8 months

We recently published some statistics on rewrites. One thing we didn’t dig into in detail is just how many rewrites are involved. A word on process – when I offer an author a chance to rewrite, we’re entering into a relationship. It’s a rare case when I say to the author, “Fix these few things and I’ll buy your story.” (Even when I do, not everyone takes the offer). What I’m saying is “Let’s have …