Your best imaginary vegan recipes here. Always wondered how to prepare Rigelian strackle leaves? Not sure how to spice up your gleanberry juice? This is where to find out.

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  1. Recipe for Moog leaves: Moog leaves are very handy to take with you especially if you’re going on long trips that last years. Freshly picked and dried probably they will last decades. They need water for resuscitation and the more water you add the plumper they will get. If you like steaks, make a little fire and cook the moog leaves, use some bot sauce and flip over when Brown. Enjoy. These are very tender. One moog leaf provides all the nutrients of proteins plus the edge of the leaves taste like kale with butter. Enjoy!

    Doris Chu
  2. In terms of flavor, it helps if you think of the tael as a giant blueberry. Yes, imagine a blueberry the size of a sugar pie pumpkin. Raw, the slices are a bit awkward to deal with (think of a soft watermelon). My recommendation is to remove the thin skin, mash the abundant pulp, and simmer the pulp with a three tablespoons of of tapioca and 1-1/2 cups of water. Stir frequently, simmering for about 10-15 minutes until thickened. Pour into small dishes, chill thoroughly, and serve top with crushed strawberries.

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