Multiple submissions – the first 9 months

Multiple submissions – the first 9 months

We offer overview feedback for multiple (>5 stories) submitters, but we hide the info away at the very bottom of our Rejectomancy page, and not many people know about it. I heard from a writer today who had submitted to us many times, but hadn’t run across this little tidbit. Out of curiosity, I took a quick and messy look at how many people do submit more than once. Out of 1,368 submissions to date, we’ve had 840 unique submitters.

How about the multiple submitters? Most people (70%) submit only once, and another 17% submit twice. The latter figure is somewhat inflated, since it counts some rewrites. (I told you this was messy.) That leaves 13% who submit three times or more. What’s great is that some of those people submit a lot. The top rank is 15 submissions – and it’s a tie!

Most of the people who’ve submitted many times haven’t sold to us. That’s fine with us – we like to hear back from people, and selling your writing is a partly question of tenacity. Keep trying!


Your thoughts?

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