Payment methods survey

Payment methods survey

In light of some recent frustration with PayPal, we surveyed submitters about their preferred payment method. The short answer – PayPal, for all its difficulties, is the best answer.

We asked three questions:

  1. What payment methods do you have available?
  2. What’s your preferred payment method?
  3. Do you either live in the US or have a US bank account?

The results were very clear. Most people have PayPal and can take a personal check. A large majority prefer to be paid by PayPal, with personal check a distant second. No other options registered in a meaningful way. Some payment methods only work in the US, and a significant percentage of submitters were outside the US. So, we’ll stick with PayPal for the time being. It’s troublesome, but universal.

Payment_methods_available Payment_methods_preferred

Your thoughts?

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