Read the guidelines

Read the guidelines

By chance, I learned today that we’ve had exactly 100 non-anonymous submissions since we re-instituted the anonymity requirement on 1 January 2017. Overall, in that time, we’ve had 1,197 submissions. So, a fair number of people don’t read the guidelines. I’d say don’t read them carefully, but the anonymity requirement is in bold red text.


What happens when we get non-anonymized submissions is that we reject the submission, with a somewhat harshly worded note, asking that the story not be submitted (anonymously!) for another week. About 40% do resubmit their stories.

Happily, relatively few people make the same mistake twice, though one submitter did do it again, with the same story. Same result.


  1. I thought that I had followed the rules – I remember taking a long time to prepare the submission. I’ll resubmit but now am afraid that somehow I’ll do it wrong again.

    Margaret Karmazin

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