Statistics – the first 2 years of submissions

Metaphorosis has been open for submissions for two years now, which seemed a suitable point for another round of statistics. This time, though, rather than a comprehensive dig through the results, I’ve chosen a few tidbits that may be of interest. The period covers 1 Oct 2015 to 30 Sep 2017.

About the submitters

  • Most common submitter first name: David (more on that in January…)
  • Submitters requesting “no feedback”: 9%
  • Not anonymous: 8% (since 1 Jan 2017. Some are clearly mistakes, but some clearly just don’t read the guidelines)
  • Resubmitting non-anonymous stories anonymously: 44%
  • Unique submitters: 1,989
  • Countries represented: 57

About the stories

  • # of stories submitted: 3,919
    • Fantasy: 39%
    • Science fiction: 38%
    • Other: 23%
  • Average stories per day: 5
  • Average words per day: 19,042
  • Total words: 13,900,757 (so, 139 or so good-sized novels; 70/year)
  • Submission days: all weekdays roughly the same, with Saturday 25 higher than Monday

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