#SFF #AskTheEditors

#SFF #AskTheEditors

Ever wanted to just sit down with an SFF editor and ask them what they’re thinking? Soon, you’ll be able to do just that.

Starting in January 2023, we’ll be launching a periodic video #AMA with #editors of #SFF #magazines. This will be a Zoom-type format – about 40 minutes of discussion with a rotating panel of 3-4 editors each time.

The sessions will be at 8:00 (Jan, Mar) and 17:00 (Feb) PST to accommodate a range of time zones. We’ll cap audience attendance at 15-20 to make sure everyone gets a chance to ask questions. Anything magazine-related is fair game, except specific stories (e.g., you can’t ask why your story got rejected, is still pending, etc.).

The sessions will be hosted by us, and feature a rotating cast of other editors. For January, we’ve got a great crew lined up

The first session will be 7 January, 8:00 PST. This first one will be first come, first served. If there’s high demand, we’ll think about a something more sophisticated. We’ll post a signup form during the coming weeks. Keep your eyes open for it.

Your thoughts?

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