badge imageAfter Metaphorosis launched in January 20156, I was frequently asked when we planned to start podcasting our stories. For years, it seemed too much to take on, but in  late 2018, thanks to initial Podcast Editor Mike Ward, we began gearing up, and in January 2019, we launched our first podcast episode with The Book of Regrets by M.J. Gardner. We podcast occasional episodes during most of that year, until, in fall 2019, Mike handed over duties to incoming Podcast Editor Matt Gomez. Since then, we’ve podcast every story – a new one every week – without missing a beat. Now, Podbean (our podcast distributor) tells me that we’ve passed the 10,000 download point.

Thanks to all of you podcast listeners for tuning in, to Mike for getting us going, and to Matt for making the process so smooth and dependable. We’ve got more podcasts coming, so keep listening. If you’re not subscribed yet, it’s easy – just go to and start following us.

Your thoughts?