Had a vegan story published this year already? Think about submitting it to Best Vegan SFF of 2017

What vegan bonus points?

When you submit a story, you’ll get bonus points if your world is vegan. We’re not looking for manifestos; we don’t want them, and if your world isn’t vegan, we won’t hold it against you. If your story doesn’t say anything one way or the other, we’ll count it as vegan.

How many bonus points?

Some. Not a lot. The first criterion is a good story. If you have that, and your world is vegan, we’ll think warm thoughts about your story. If your world isn’t vegan, we’re still likely to buy your story unless, for example, it’s really heavy on hunting. Quality writing is the first thing.

What’s a vegan?

Here’s one definition. Quick check: if your characters eat meat, wear leather, or ride horses, they’re not vegan.

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