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When the Last Friend is Gone – Tris Matthews

Butler found Pebbles dead in the morning.

Each day, the moment Butler became active at 6 a.m. sharp, the little old dog’s stumpy legs would carry her over to seat herself royally in front of the enormous and rusty Cadillac-themed refrigerator to watch. Butler would ruffle the flops and folds of skin on the top of her head before serving up her breakfast and then turning to other chores. Today, Pebbles didn’t come. Butler washed her bowl—overly-large, red, ceramic, and with ‘Pebbles’ hand-painted around the edge in florid script—spooned out a tin of moist meat and placed it on the shabby green mat by the back door.

Butler was most efficient when routine was least disrupted. There was no such thing as perfect routine: any day’s unique haze caused variations in illumination; the birds sang a different song; even his own body performed differently depending upon the ambient temperature, and he was already aware his joints were less smooth than a year ago, when he was fresh out of the box. Beatrice also increasingly left things out of place around the house. Butler didn’t know whether this was solely a result of her age, or a gradual acceptance of her reliance on him. The latter was the more satisfying alternative. After all, caring for Beatrice was his purpose.

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It came from Adan Berkowitz

Adan Berkowitz’s story “Calm Folk, Come Forth” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 4 May 2018. The story originally began as an old idea I had kicking around about “The Lazarus People,” which was about the rise of a technologically advanced people who augmented themselves to live forever. I couldn’t think of anything especially interesting to do with the concept, so I stuck it away in the back of my mind. Later, I had a …

A question for Tris Matthews

Q: What’s a genre you’d like to write, but don’t or can’t?

A: Poetry. I keep trying, and I’m not too bad at short, limericky things, but I’d love to write an epic (perhaps semi-epic) poem in a quite archaic style to tell a modern or futuristic story… Alas, my few attempts to date have ended quickly, as I slip into a very nursery rhyme like style.

Tris Matthews’s story “When the Last Friend is Gone” was
published on Friday, 16 November 2018.

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Even more about L’Erin Ogle

L’Erin is a mother and writer living in Lawrence, KS. She writes speculative fiction in between shifts saving lives in the ER. She has stories at Metaphorosis, Syntax & Salt, Vastarien, and Trampset. She can be found at


L’Erin Ogle’s story “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, and I Love You” will be
published on Friday, 23 November 2018.

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The Little G-d of Łódź – Evan Marcroft

On September 6, 1939, a Rabbi and Kabbalist named Yitzchok Falk sets fire to the Great Synagogue of Łódź. “The Germans will burn it anyway,” he tells his apprentice they drag a body out of the trunk of his car. “Let it burn without victims, and for a good reason.” The boy, Max, who holds the feet, only nods. They carry the body in and lay it out in the prayer hall. It is a …

It came from Tim McDaniel

Tim McDaniel’s story “Koehl’s Quality Impressions” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 27 April 2018. Ghosts are a fascinating topic. I can’t say I believe in them, and yet there is a smudge of doubt; some of the stories are not easy to dismiss. But if ghosts really do exist, what could they be? The idea that they are conscious entities seems nightmarish and unfair to me – can you imagine wandering around an old …

Yet another question for Filip Wiltgren

Q: Do you prefer your SFF as books or movies?

A: I almost always read my SFF, because I lack the time to watch a movie. Which isn’t quite true – I have the time, but it’s spread out during the day in 5-10 minute intervals. Which is just enough time to read a couple of pages, but not enough to get into a movie.

Filip Wiltgren’s story “A House on the Volga” was
published on Friday, 9 November 2018.

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