A question for Jeremy Packert Burke

Q: What’s easier for you – imagining a happier world, or a darker one?

A: I mean, it’s not hard at all to imagine a better world than this—a world free of racism/sexism/homo- and transphobia/genocide/war/gun violence/etc. A lot of fiction draws our attention to issues by exaggerating the bad, making it worse (I mean how popular are YA Dystopias right now? How popular is 1984?). There’s a kind of escapism in that though, a tendency to say “Oh well at least real life isn’t that bad.” But I think some of the best speculative fiction, like Octavia E. Butler’s “Dawn,” shows us how horrifying our own human tendencies can be by putting them in contrast to a happier world, by showing how humans do not fit in a utopia.

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About Vincent Coviello

Vincent enjoys the creative process and strives to create fantastical illustrations. Specializing in creature/character design, fantasy/sci fi illustration and visual development he is passionate and motivated to create creatures and characters that are interesting, unique and functional to the laws that govern them. His work has been featured in ImagineFX, 3Dtotal Publishing, Alluria Publishing, Galaxy Press, Fox Chapel Publishing, Pathfinder Studio Inc, BosLeo Inc. and many others.


Vincent Coviello‘s image “Earth, Air, and Fire” is the cover art for our September 2016 stories.Metaphorosis