It came from Kathryn Yelinek (yet again)

Kathryn Yelinek’s story “Cinders and Snow” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 28 December 2018. “Cinders and Snow” was inspired by events in the life of someone I know, but the details are not mine to share. Suffice it to say I’ve known several people who would never describe themselves as princes (of any gender), but who are the gentlest, most caring people I know–certainly princes (of any gender) in all the right ways. These …

A question for Thea Boodhoo

Q: Have you ever consciously written a ‘message’ story? Was it easier or harder than usual?

A: The most popular thing I’ve written to date is called “Open letter to the tech bro who spat at me, from that pigeon eating a noodle on Market Street.” I wrote it after seeing a man spit at a pigeon. It took me forty-five minutes and was fueled by pure rage. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write something like that again. The message was: don’t be a dick to pigeons.

Thea Boodhoo’s story “A Layer Thin As Breath
in Metaphorosis Friday, 12 July 2019.
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About Andrew Knighton

Andrew is a British ghostwriter, who pays his way by writing books and articles in other people’s names. He lives in Yorkshire with his cat, his computer, and a huge pile of unread books. When he’s not writing, he enjoys board games, bouldering, and trying to get through that pile of books., @gibbondemon

Andrew Knighton’s story “Communication Breakdown
in Metaphorosis Friday, 19 July 2019.
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The Girls Who Come Back Are Made of Metal and Glass – L’Erin Ogle

“Kate’s back,” says Lucy. I look over and there Kate is, back from the dead yet again, even though there are rules about that sort of thing. No one else has ever come back more than twice. It’s like three strikes and you’re out—you’ve officially become too expensive or too troublesome to revive any more. But Kate’s returned from dying at least half a dozen times. “Again,” says Lucy, rolling her eyes so hard her …

It came from Lindsey Duncan

Lindsey Duncan’s story “Family Tree” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 21 December 2018. “Family Tree” started as a writing prompt. I belonged to an online speculative fiction writers’ group who had weekly hour-long write-ins, called “Friday Night Writes,” even though they weren’t always on Fridays (and weren’t even always at night). One writer would post a prompt, and everyone else would get down as much as they could in that hour, then share their …

A question for Michael Sherrin

Q: What do you think is the single most important quality for a good writer to possess? A: I think the single most important quality for a good writer is curiosity. Curiosity, whether it’s in history, science, psychology, or some other arena, leads to fresh ideas that can be become a captivating story. Being curious compels the writer to ask more questions: Why does this happen? How does this work? What would it be like …