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Angie Lathrop’s story “Radical Abundance” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 29 September 2017. What if the means for radical abundance—in the world of this story, strong nanotechnology/ Anatomically Precise Manufacturing Machines/molecular assemblers/von Neumann machines (the butterflies)— were put directly into the hands of people who might really need it? How would those people be able to sort out what they needed? Molecular manufacturing technology has the potential to usher in an age of abundance, …

Metaphorosis: Best of 2017

Metaphorosis: Best of 2017

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

The best stories from Metaphorosis magazine’s second year.

Stories of snow queens and their daughters, of invisible giants and their vanished lovers, of curses and quests and searches for meaning.


  • Snow Queen – T. R. North
  • Making the List – David Hammond
  • A Nightingale’s Map of the City – Suzanne J. Willis
  • The Questioning Bell – Jason Baltazar
  • Lake Oreyd – Damien Krsteski
  • The Illuminator Leaves – Molly Etta
  • Sundown on the Hill – Timothy Mudie
  • Notes Towards a New Fairytale – Patrick Doerksen
  • The Lost Languages of Exiles – Laura E. Price
  • HOPper – Charlotte H. Lee
  • The Wife of Fabian Vitalik – Mariah Montoya
  • Radical Abundance – Angie Lathrop
  • The Snow Queen’s Daughter – Sean R. Robinson

Cover art by Kathryn Weaver.

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Radical Abundance – Angie Lathrop

Something woke me. A sound. I rolled to my back. Sand and rock ground into my shoulders and my skin hurt everywhere and my lungs seemed too dry to work properly. But for a moment I forgot all that, because when I looked up, there was a silver bowl over the still landscape. The sky mirrored the desert and the desert mirrored the sky and everything was pale and beautiful. Dawn was like that in …

A question for Angie Lathrop

Q: How do you generate story ideas, and how soon do you act on them?

A: I nerdishly carry a notebook at all times, and whenever I come across something really interesting in reading or in life (a phrase, a concept, a quote, almost anything) I write it down in my current notebook. I also use the notebook for to-do lists and brainstorming and practically everything I need to refer to or keep in mind, for my professional, personal, and writing lives. I don’t separate the notebooks into sections, so as I’m perusing the pages for a phone number, I’ll come across fragments of ideas that could turn into stories, so I’m constantly feeding those bits back into my mind to incubate. It might be months or even years after I record an idea in my notebook that I write a story about it.

Angie Lathrop’s story “Radical Abundance” was published on Friday, 29 September 2017.
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About Angie Lathrop

Angie writes science fiction from her farm outside of Madison, Wisconsin. She is also a veterinarian and an artist who works exclusively in the medium of corn mazes. She recently repeated high school while teaching her autistic, science fiction writer son.

Angie Lathrop’s story “Radical Abundance” was published on Friday, 29 September 2017.
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