Yet another question for Chris Panatier

Q: What’s the story no one else thinks is as good as you do?

A: I’m going to suggest a story that no one thinks is as good as I do, but only because it’s new and relatively few people have read it. It’s a short novel called Little Future, The Ghost by Daniel Cohen and it’s the most blistering satire of capitalism and technoculture I’ve ever read. Other than being satire, it’s impossible to categorize, but utterly genius and thought provoking. Absolutely brutal.

Chris Panatier’s story “The Excursionist of JCPenney
in Metaphorosis Friday, 3 February 2023.
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February 2023

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It came from Chris Panatier

Chris Panatier’s story “The Skin of Aquila Cadens” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 4 December 2020. While I doubt humankind will ever send crewed missions beyond our solar system, I’m intrigued by the fantasy of it. My head is full of all sorts of world-building and terraforming ideas from things I’ve read. In most of these stories, the terraforming either succeeds or fails, or “succeeds” but with catastrophic consequences. I saw the opportunity to …