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David Z. Morris’s story “Love in its Heart” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 2 February 2018. This story was inspired directly by a real cat named Nebula. My wife badly wanted a cat, but this one was practically demonic – the incidents of accidental mutilation in the story, but also the sense of deep attachment to something dangerous – came from Nebula. She disappeared when we briefly left a window open on a hot …

Love in Its Heart – David Z. Morris

It was the third one. The third ever, all in the same week. On the pipes, grainy handset video showed hulking masses, ungainly, asymmetrical, wobbling out of the sky. Tearing through level after level of the sprawling, towering city, girders screaming through showers of sparks. The first one on a Tuesday, a dozen commerce units over. Then another Friday, a little closer. And then on Saturday, just as the lights came on. Bang. Our zone. …

About David Z. Morris

David Z. Morris is a fiction writer, journalist, and social scientist. He lived in Fort Worth, Nagoya, Austin, Tokyo, and Tampa before making it to New York City. He is married to the painter Georgia Hourdas and holds a PhD from the University of Iowa.

David Z. Morris’s story “Love in its Heart” was
published on Friday, 2 February 2018.

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