Sharpington’s Coffers – Current Score 49.8 – Erik Goldsmith

A perfunctory stare hovers above the counter of Sharpington Coffers, a small antique store on the south side of Picadilly Circus. The owner of the stare, one Mr. Bartholomew Sharpington, watches his entrance with the patience of the rat catcher, waiting outside a hole for his prey, his customer, who will be walking through those doors… any… second… now. Ching. Ching. A tall man in a black hat steps into the store and shakes his …

A question for Erik Goldsmith

Q: How do pets/children/significant others help/hinder your process?

A: It’s a routine. I’ll be in the middle of writing, they bother me with love, I huff, then feel guilty for feeling bothered, analyze my own priorities in life, stop writing and give them my attention anyway. This process, as I get older, while still there, is becoming less and less verbalized in my house. It’s healthy. And honestly, without them, I don’t think my life experiences would be rich enough to create anything worthwhile at all.

Erik Goldsmith’s story “Sharpington’s Coffers – Current Score 49.8” was
published on Friday, 8 December 2017.
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