It came from Evan James Sheldon

Evan James Sheldon’s story “There is a City, He Told Me” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 30 August 2019. I wrote, “There is a City, He told me,” after reading Calvino’s Invisible Cities. In that short novel, Marco Polo describes the Kahn’s empire to him through a series of flash-length sections. Reading, you come to realize that Marco Polo is actually talking about something else, and in the end (Spoilers!) a descent into hell. …

There is a City, He Told Me – Evan James Sheldon

There is a city where the outer walls shift and entrances dance away, so that a passerby might think they are merely approaching from the wrong side. If you know about this city, if you are patient and cunning, you can find a way in, and what a city! Its interior is not flashy, not filled with magicians and trees burning with inner fire, but there is comfort there you can find with diligence and …

A question for Evan James Sheldon

Q: Do you often include children in your stories? What role do they play?

A: I do often write about children, though I find I normally write from their perspective. I love to use some of the formal elements found in fairy tales in my stories, and even in darker stories, children offer decisive action and reaction that is, I hope, relatable for the reader. In this story, the daughter at the end provides a way for the mythmaking narrative to make sense and provides insight into the narrator’s understanding of his relationship with his father. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, any day, and thinking about the stories that we will tell her helped to shape the emotional arc in this story.

Evan James Sheldon’s story “There is a City, He Told Me
in Metaphorosis Friday, 30 August 2019.
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