April 2023

Metaphorosis cover, April 2023
April 2023

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

All the stories from the month, plus author biographies, interviews, and story origins.

Table of Contents

  • Shortcut to Happily Ever After — Ben Wan
  • Trapped in Memory — Dan Le Fever
  • Heart Moon — R. Gatwood
  • The Zoo Diaries IV — Frances Pauli

Cover art by Gabriel Rosswell.

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Also available as a pocket-sized (4″x6″) paperback and an e-book.

About Gabriel Rosswell

Gabriel Rosswell was born in Jakarta. Since childhood, he was interested in drawing. Alien movies are what made him interested in science fiction. Different from other kids, who collected toy cars, superheroes, or robots figurines, Gabriel liked collecting alien figurines. After high school, he decided on the animation school and earned his BFA. Since graduating, he works freelance on various video game and board game projects.

Gabriel Rosswell‘s image “Tower of Mud and Straw” is the cover art for our September 2020 stories.Metaphorosis