Combustion – Kai Hudson

Jaxon has just finished doodling Captain Fiero’s victory pose when the math teacher explodes. Students scream as Mrs. Richardson flails back from the chalkboard, body suddenly alight. Her arms and legs make a bright windmill as she stumbles across the room, upsetting the fake plastic skeleton and catching the bookcase on fire. Jaxon shoots to his feet without thinking, grabs his jacket, and runs to her just as she collapses across Hannah’s desk. He’s too …

A question for Kai Hudson

Q: Are titles easy or hard for you? Do you start with the title or the story?

A: Titles are pretty easy, mostly because I try to stay short and sweet. So long as it expresses the theme of my story, I’m good with it. I usually write the piece before I generate the title, but on at least one occasion I’ve written and planned an entire novel based on a title that came to me out of the blue one day. My muse works in mysterious ways.

Kai Hudson’s story “Combustion” was
published on Friday, 28 September 2018.

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