Comes the Tinker – Karl Dandenell

Metaphorosis October 2016

As always, they heard the children first. Even in the strictest, most conservative towns, somehow, a few of the youngest or bravest managed to slip out to the road and wait for them. In other places, the whole of the population turned out, led by the mayor, or captain, or caliph, holding forth banners and flags and flowers to welcome the Tinker and his wagon, drawn by the steel horses that never tired. “The Tinker!”…

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About Karl Dandenell

Karl Dandenell is a first-generation Swedish American, survivor of Viable Paradise XVI, and active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America. He lives on an island near San Francisco with his family and 3 cat overlords. He is fond of strong tea and single-malt scotch.

Karl Dandenell’s story “Comes the Tinker” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 28 October 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.