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Kelly Sandoval’s story “The Otherside of Memory” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 9 April 2021. I grew up on portal fantasies. I loved The Labyrinth, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Peter Pan. I wanted more than anything to disappear through a wardrobe, or a painting, and find myself somewhere else. Somewhere special. But even as a kid, there were elements of the stories that bothered me. Especially Narnia. The characters live out their lives …

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Kelly lives in Seattle, where the weather is always happy to make staying in and writing seem like a good idea. She shares her home with her chaos tornado toddler, exhausted husband, and increasingly irate cat. Her interactive fiction is available from Choice of Games, where her current title is “Runt of the Litter”., @kellymsandoval

Kelly Sandoval’s story “The Otherside of Memory
in Metaphorosis Friday, 9 April 2021.
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Small Magics – Kelly Sandoval

Black flowers carpeted the floor that morning, cloaking the bedroom in funeral colors. Their petals, large as my hand and soft as suede, belonged to no plant I could name. The salt and midnight smell of them soured the cottage air. I would have liked to make tea before dealing with the evidence of Inae’s magics but, fearing some subtle poison contained in those leaves, I started the day with sweeping. The petals were thickest …