Seven Scraps Unwritten – L. Chan

Scrap 1: Monograph on the four catechisms The first catechism of Eulalia is DIVERSITY LEADS TO STRENGTH. Its sigil is a square made of four interlocked components, reminiscent of hands each grasping the wrist of the next, forming a box. Scrap 1 has an annotation, handwritten: This logos is one of the most complex in the Logocracy of Eulalia. This and the other three logos are said to be without beginning, just as the Logocracy …

An additional question for L. Chan

Q: What’s a genre you’d like to write, but don’t or can’t?

A: I’d love to write a heist story, either cyberpunk or fantasy. I’ve tried once or twice but the craft of getting a good twist in plain sight, without resorting to pulling stuff out of a hat has thus far eluded me. There’s a lot to love in the heist genre – getting a gang together, often with new or old frictions, backstories, cool tricks and pulling things back from the brink at the last minute through redirection. One day, I’ll get there.

L. Chan’s story “Seven Scraps Unwritten
in Metaphorosis Friday, 17 April 2020.
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Sonata III: Canta – L. Chan

Adagio: Canta Sona, on a quest for vengeance, has enlisted help of the Six Named to play a piece of heretical Music composed by his mother, the Lady Kristyk. Shailani found Sona harbouring a second secret, a device of his mother’s design, able to capture and replay any Music it hears, but the Music that Sona has brought is eerily familiar to her; containing elements of her own people’s holy songs, Music she was sent …

Sonata II: Shailani – L. Chan

Allegro: Shailani This is part 2 of L. Chan’s novella, Sonata. Part 1 ran in January 2020. What has gone before: Sona has travelled north, up the lawless swathes of the Periphery of the Empire Sound. He’s enlisted the help of Shailani, a former soldier with the Imperial Army, on her own journey to the north. After an ambush by jealous bandits from a gang Sona used to serve, Shailani learned that Sona was carrying …