Sonata II: Shailani – L. Chan

Allegro: Shailani This is part 2 of L. Chan’s novella, Sonata. Part 1 ran in January 2020. What has gone before: Sona has travelled north, up the lawless swathes of the Periphery of the Empire Sound. He’s enlisted the help of Shailani, a former soldier with the Imperial Army, on her own journey to the north. After an ambush by jealous bandits from a gang Sona used to serve, Shailani learned that Sona was carrying …

Sonata I: Sona – L. Chan

Andante: Sona Siege drums struck the town just before daybreak – whaleskin stretched over hollowed out tree trunks, varnished and polished until the drum bodies were darker than a moonless night. War Music was the province of the Empire military, and was not often employed by the Periphery patrols. Early morning mist clung to the ground, warping and distorting as the waves of force sped from the siege drums, propagating through the Sound and smashing …

Yet another question for L. Chan

Q: What inspires you?

A: Many things! I’m the filter feeder in the inspiration food chain. Sometimes, it’s bouncing ideas off tweets with friends. Sometimes I start with a title but no story. Sometimes I start with a line or a scene with no idea how the rest of the story goes. Recently, I’ve tried to address some weird imbalances in tropes that irked me, like the Selkie myth.

L. Chan’s story “Sonata I: Sona
in Metaphorosis Friday, 31 January 2020.
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