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Lisa Clark’s story “Switch” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 23 March 2018. “Switch” came to me as a spin-off of the YA SF novel I’m working on called Skin Changers. In that story, juvenile offenders enter an immersive VR program as the means through which they are rehabilitated. But what if old people – people like Claudia in “Switch,” who grew up before the age of computers – could enter that type of program?…

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Switch – Lisa Clark

Claudia Campbell shifted in her seat, clutching her oversized pocketbook closer to her chest. She released an audible huff. With all the automation these days, why couldn’t they move things along faster? She dragged a digital magazine off a nearby table, catching the gaze of another woman. She was probably a decade younger than Claudia’s ninety-two, though it was increasingly difficult to tell how old people were these days. For Claudia, age-retarding pharmaceuticals, surgery, and…

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About Lisa Clark

If Lisa Clark could enter a program like Switch, she’d go 1) back to Israel 1,999 years ago (but her avatar would have to know the local languages) 2) a thousand years back to sit on Mauna Kea Hawaii to stargaze 3) back to see herself as a teenager (though she’s not sure they’d allow that). While waiting for that tech to be developed, she’ll try to make the best of the world we’ve got.

Lisa Clark’s story “Switch” was
published on Friday, 23 March 2018.

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