Metaphorosis: Best of 2016

Metaphorosis: Best of 2016

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

The best science fiction and fantasy stories from Metaphorosis magazine’s first year. Mysterious languages, unusual dogs, solitude, alien communications, and magic.

  • The Demon in the Page – Joshua Phillip Johnson
  • Heard – Elise Forier Edie
  • In Dew and Frost and Flame – Vanessa Fogg
  • The Heresy Machine – Gerald Warfield
  • Gathering Dust – Meryl Stenhouse
  • So, You’re In an Alternate Universe – Jeremy Packert Burke
  • Solomon and the Dragon’s Tongue – Molly Etta
  • Spoiler: She Leaves Him – Jack Noble
  • The World’s Secret Heartbeat – Aatif Rashid
  • Whalesong – L. Chan
  • How to Survive a Fish Attack – Kato Thompson
  • My Dog is the Constellation Canis Major – Jarod K. Anderson
  • The Sea Bank of Svalbard South – Octavia Cade

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It came from Meryl Stenhouse

Meryl Stenhouse’s story “Gathering Dust” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 29 April 2016. The beginning of this story came from a prompt from a writing course I did with Cat Rambo. The prompt was a picture of an old woman feeding the pigeons. In my head, the protagonist was a middle-aged man, recently divorced, just lost his job etc. He was watching the old woman as she picked up the pigeons, sprinkled them with …

Gathering Dust – Meryl Stenhouse

There’s a bench I like to sit on, with my legs tucked up, pretending I’m just another student on break from university. People always have a smile for me—a young woman in the sun—until they see the sores and the thin wrists and then their eyes slide up and away, up and away as if they have just remembered something important. I grin at them and pick at the scratches on my arms, mindlessly or …

A question for Meryl Stenhouse

Q: What distracts you?

A: Oh, pretty much everything. I have to be very disciplined with myself to get anything done. At the moment I’m looking out the window of my study and noticing that the ginger needs cutting back and the front bed needs weeding. Or I’ll be in the dreaded middles of my current story is and I’ll get a New Shiny Idea and I’ll quickly jot down some notes and then find I’ve written several pages of draft. Or I’ll walk past the bookshelf and something will catch my eye and half an hour later I’ll have moved on to cleaning out the cupboards and will have completely forgotten what I’m supposed to be doing. What works best for me is an empty room and a locked door, and an endless supply of good tea.

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