Metaphorosis: Best of 2016

Metaphorosis: Best of 2016

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

The best science fiction and fantasy stories from Metaphorosis magazine’s first year. Mysterious languages, unusual dogs, solitude, alien communications, and magic.

  • The Demon in the Page – Joshua Phillip Johnson
  • Heard – Elise Forier Edie
  • In Dew and Frost and Flame – Vanessa Fogg
  • The Heresy Machine – Gerald Warfield
  • Gathering Dust – Meryl Stenhouse
  • So, You’re In an Alternate Universe – Jeremy Packert Burke
  • Solomon and the Dragon’s Tongue – Molly Etta
  • Spoiler: She Leaves Him – Jack Noble
  • The World’s Secret Heartbeat – Aatif Rashid
  • Whalesong – L. Chan
  • How to Survive a Fish Attack – Kato Thompson
  • My Dog is the Constellation Canis Major – Jarod K. Anderson
  • The Sea Bank of Svalbard South – Octavia Cade

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The Sea Bank of Svalbard South – Octavia Cade

Lizzy thought she’d be spared the burying of him. She’d looked for Bryan in the dark waters, in wind and rain until night fell and searching was useless. After three days she thought the sea had taken him. He had thrown himself from the sea-cliffs. She’d watched him do it and hadn’t understood what he was doing until it was over. Even after, with time to reflect, it was barely comprehensible. South should have been …

A question for Octavia Cade

Q: How does writing speculative fiction affect your daily life (not as a writer, but as a person)?

A: For me, speculative fiction is a way of engaging with metaphor. Often that involves different ways of writing and thinking about science. I think if you want to attract more people to science – more than just the logically-minded, for instance – you’ve got to provide a different sort of pathway, a different means of engaging. I find science fiction in particular helps me to perceive science more broadly, from a place of imagination as well as method.

Octavia Cade’s story “The Sea Bank of Svalbard South” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 11 March 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.