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Phoenix Alexander’s story “One for the Wounded” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 10 May 2019. I was visiting family in Cyprus in the summer of 2018 and reading Alexander Chee’s The Queen of the Night in the lazy, languid, 110-degree days. The sensory richness of the novel – the heightened emotion and drama of the narrative, the piled-on details of cloth and scent and stone – inspired me to try to write something similarly …

One for the Wounded – Phoenix Alexander

“Minutes… they are the easiest to kill,” he whispered. His voice was thick with the drowsiness of spent passion; I thought he had fallen asleep, and felt grateful that he was staying awake with me a little longer. “You need something sharp… Cut their throats. Hit them on the head. Hard and accurate. Break their necks.” I remember thinking that it was an odd thing for him to talk about, this killing. So I lay …

About Phoenix Alexander

Phoenix Alexander is a queer, Greek-Cypriot scholar and writer of science fiction. Born in Cyprus, he was raised in England and has been moving steadily westward ever since. Initially training as fashion designer in London, he swiftly realized the error of his ways and has just completed a PhD in English and African American Studies at Yale University., @dracopoullos

Phoenix Alexander’s story “One for the Wounded
in Metaphorosis Friday, 10 May 2019.
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