It came from R.W.W. Greene

R.W.W. Greene’s story “The Stars Don’t Lie” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 29 June 2018. “The Stars Don’t Lie” started out because I wanted to write about someone overcoming a disability. I teach high school, and most school days I visit a little coffee shop run by kids in the special-education program. It’s one of the best parts of my day. The idea of a human attending a centaur school came from that. Lesa, …

The Stars Don’t Lie – R.W.W. Greene

The Dean of Admissions took off his spectacles and polished them on his dappled lower shoulder. “You will be the first man to attend Chiron Classical University, you know.” “I’m a woman,” Lesa said. “A female of my species. I know the situation is unusual, but—.” “I used ‘man’ in the inclusive meaning of the word.” The Dean’s rear hooves shifted on the thick grass. “Unusual. Yes, it is unusual. You should not expect special …

A question for R.W.W. Greene

Q: Do you have a garden? Have you ever grown your own food?

A: I grew up in rural Maine, and my family always had a garden and chickens. Summers I hayed, picked potatoes, and blueberry raked. Nowadays, I live in a smallish city, but we still do a garden every year, and there is nothing more satisfying than going outside and picking a salad. We also have a couple of apple trees that do well, a peach tree, a couple of quince trees, and blackberry bushes. My wife likes to can, so we get a lot out of the fruit. The asparagus does pretty well, too. About five years ago we got into beekeeping, not as much for the honey as to have the little guys around. They are good neighbors.

R.W.W. Greene’s story “The Stars Don’t Lie” was
published on Friday, 29 June 2018.

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