It came from Susan McDonough-Wachtman

Susan McDonough-Wachtman’s story “I Will Go Gently” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 14 December 2018. I was inspired to write “I Will Go Gently” by a dream. I woke up one morning with the vision of an old couple on a porch, arguing amicably about something — the way my parents used to. The interesting and different aspect about this couple was that, unlike my parents, she could see the future, and he could …

I Will Go Gently – Susan McDonough-Wachtman

They sat in their deck chairs, watching their son fish. “Has he caught one?” she asked, gently rocking. Walter squinted out at the lake. “I don’t think so.” “I think he did.” “Did you see it?” Ellen had the sight, but to Walter’s constant exasperation, she made no distinction between things she saw and things she saw. “No.” He looked at her. Her eyes were on her knitting. “How could you know, Ellen? You’re not …

A question for Susan McDonough-Wachtman

Q: Do you have a garden? Have you ever grown your own food?

A: I have often gardened, although I have never been a great success. Moving every few years, raising kids, and teaching school made it hard to find the time and energy. We got lucky a few times. We moved into one house in Western Oregon with well-established and highly productive raspberries. When the kids were young, we planted peas and beans in Western Washington and learned to battle slugs every morning. Now that I have an empty nest, we are living in my husband’s family home and benefit from well-established blueberry bushes. We compete with the birds for those. I am still trying to grow peas and beans, but now have to keep away the deer and wild rabbits. We also grew a wide variety of squash this year. My husband is a wonderful cook and we’ve been enjoying baked squash and squash soup.

Susan McDonough-Wachtman’s story “I Will Go Gently” was
published on Friday, 14 December 2018.

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