A question for Theodore Lowry

Q: What do you think makes for a good story?

A: By inviting readers into strange worlds, a story shows them their own world from new perspectives. However, if the story is too strange, the reader may struggle to enter it. That’s where resonance comes in.

A good story contains deep elements that are broadly relatable, even if the skin of the story is unfamiliar. The reader may recognize their own experiences in the story, despite vast differences in context. This resonance connects the reader’s own heart to humanity at large and the world we inhabit.

In this way, a good story invites the reader into a world that is both unfamiliar and familiar, challenging them to see things from a new perspective while also resonating with their own experiences. This combination of the unknown and the relatable can make for a powerful story.

Theodore Lowry’s story “Escape to Mall B
in Metaphorosis Friday, 9 June 2023.
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About Theodore Lowry

The mall in which Theodore was born sprung up at the confluence of two rivers, rivers who go on to create one of the eastern great lakes. His family migrated westward, so he sprouted up where vast grasslands crash against the western mountain range. Seeking temples, pilgrimage and clear meanings within messy, colorful life, he traveled to the far east to learn in monasteries there. Seeking to link sky to earth, he returned to his home continent to put down roots among the mycelium and cedar of this chilly rainforest. He writes, sings, draws, and helps others do the same.


Theodore Lowry’s story “Escape to Mall B
in Metaphorosis Friday, 9 June 2023.
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June 2023

Cover for Metaphorosis June 2023
June 2023

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

All the stories from the month, plus author biographies, interviews, and story origins.

Table of Contents

  • Catching College — Maggie Slater
  • Escape to Mall B — Theodore Lowry
  • Snow Like Pink Pepper — Devan Barlow
  • Nothing but the Gods On Their Backs — Alex T. Singer
  • The Zoo Diaries VI — Frances Pauli

Cover art by Runway.

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