Where the Old Neighbors Go – Thomas Ha

The man standing on the porch that night seemed like an ordinary gentrifier at first glance: young and tall and artfully unshaven. His jeans were tattered, but strangely crisp, and his shirt was loose and tight in all the wrong places. He had the appearance of someone vaguely famous, like his face could have been in a magazine ad or on the side of a bus. And to anyone other than Mary Walker, he would …

A question for Thomas Ha

Q: Do you make art other than prose? What kind, and how is it different?

A: I hesitate to call it art, but over the last few years I’ve developed an unexpected interest in video editing and digital music composition. My wife is a food writer and cookbook author who occasionally has to create video content for various reasons, so over time I began shooting her videos and composing short music pieces to accompany them. Something about trying to create a visual narrative that makes sense, and editing cuts so that your brain finds a sequence palatable, is a fun challenge that is reminiscent of, but still very different from, breaking out a plot sequence. Similarly, I’m a novice musician, but the thing I’ve enjoyed most about composing short pieces to go with those videos is trying to evoke a particular atmosphere that enhances whatever it goes with, without drawing too much attention to itself. In that way, it feels a little similar to building themes in short fiction that bolster the story without hitting reader over the head. Again, these are food videos, so it’s not like I’m making a feature film or anything. But what can I say? I get a real kick out of it.

Thomas Ha’s story “Where the Old Neighbors Go
in Metaphorosis Friday, 11 September 2020.
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About Thomas Ha

Thomas Ha is a former attorney turned stay-at-home father who enjoys writing speculative fiction during the rare moments when both of his children happen to be asleep at the same time.


Thomas Ha’s story “Where the Old Neighbors Go
in Metaphorosis Friday, 11 September 2020.
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September 2020


Table of Contents

  • Fetch — B. Morris Allen
  • Where the Old Neighbors Go — Thomas Ha
  • Pages Missing From the Diary of Samuel Pepys, Esq. — David Berger
  • Tower of Mud and Straw I: The Duchy — Yaroslav Barsukov

Cover art by Gabriel Rosswell.

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