Choice – Tomas Marcantonio

The giant apartment complex was unfinished, like almost everything else in Pyongyang. It loomed over the city, a grey, oval-shaped mass rising like a fungal growth on the bank of the Taedong River, swarming with half-lived lives. The western side was wall-less, held together with sagging electrical wires and iron bones stripped of their skin. Multitudes of drones hovered outside windows, transporting deliveries or simply spying, like mechanical wasps searching for a nectar that no …

Another question for Tomas Marcantonio

Q: What’s better: writing or having written?

A: Both are wonderful in their own ways. The writing process itself can be frustrating when things aren’t flowing as you’d like, but the satisfaction after a successful writing session is hard to match.

Tomas Marcantonio’s story “Choice
in Metaphorosis Friday, 17 January 2020.
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More about Tomas Marcantonio

Tomas Marcantonio is a fiction and travel writer from Brighton, England. His work has appeared in places such as STORGY, Twist in Time, and Lucent Dreaming. Tomas is currently based in Busan, South Korea, where he splits his time between writing, teaching, and getting lost in neon-lit backstreets.


Tomas Marcantonio’s story “Choice
in Metaphorosis Friday, 17 January 2020.
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January 2020

January 2020

Table of Contents

  • Kozuna, the Ogre’s Child — Felicity Drake
  • Magic Whistleblower Tells All — Michael Sherrin
  • Choice — Tomas Marcantonio
  • Bedwyr by the Sea — C.B. Blakey
  • Sonata I: Sona — L. Chan

Cover art by Saleha Chowdhury.

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It came from Tomas Marcantonio

Tomas Marcantonio’s story “Unmasked” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 31 May 2019. I’ve always enjoyed reading about dystopian societies, especially ones where the main characters are in the dark about their pasts or the nature of their worlds. The set-up and slow uncovering of the truth is usually the highlight of these stories, but I wanted to write something that challenged the reader even after the “grand reveal”. Min-soo, the protagonist of “Unmasked”, spends …

Unmasked – Tomas Marcantonio

There isn’t much difference between night and day in this city, but we know it must be night when the train comes. It stops in the centre of the city inside its glass tube, the passengers standing shoulder to shoulder with their faces at the window: The Rat, The Flamingo, The Impala, several more, all of them watching us. After an hour or so the train moves on, out through the wall that encircles the …