Of Hair and Beanstalks – William Condon

25 December, being the Birth-day of Isaac Newton, Physicist: Madam, Your stepdaughter has arrived and been installed in the tower chamber, per your instructions. This has already led to the predicted difficulties, as my dinosaurian bulk cannot fit within the narrow tower. When she refused to descend for supper this evening, I was reduced to flying outside her window and poking my face in. I found her combing her long hair, which raises my second …

A question for William Condon

Q: When do you decide a story is finished?

A: When I first get through to “The End,” I set the story aside and mull over how to fix the points I’m not satisfied with. Sometimes I can put my finger on the problems at once and how to fix them; other times I know something’s wrong but need some time to puzzle out what. Then, I revise. I hardly ever agree a story’s perfect, but there’s a point where I know it’s good and I don’t know how to make it any better – and that’s when I decide it’s finished.

William Condon’s story “Of Hair and Beanstalks” was
published on Friday, 7 December 2018.

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